Premises liability defense and construction insurance defense require a specialized knowledge. We work with insurance carriers, developers, contractors, subcontractors, homeowners, landowners, apartment owners and business owners throughout Central Pennsylvania regarding homeowners liability, general commercial liability and construction liability claims. We operate with a team mentality and let our clients’ best interests drive the direction and positioning of each case we handle.

With more than 70 years of combined legal experience amongst our attorneys, we have extensive knowledge and abilities as lead counsel on cases varying widely in complexity and value.

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At Flanagan and DiBernardo, LLP, we are fully capable of handling all aspects of litigation through to settlement, mediation, arbitration or trial. Our team of Lancaster-based premises and construction liability defense lawyers confronts tough legal challenges with tenacity and pragmatism.

Our reputation among clients, attorneys and judges in the region is impeccable. We are known for thorough investigations, comprehensive case development and aggressive defense in any forum. We are prepared to present facts in a straightforward manner, obtain valuable expert witness testimony to strengthen your case and execute a strategy that influences the opposing party to accept a settlement on your terms, dismiss the case, or proceed to trial.

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